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When vendor risk management goes too far

Posted by BankThink on August 28, 2014

by. Paul SchausIf third-party vendor risk management is becoming an overwhelming chore for your [...]

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91% of mobile banking customers want fraud alerts

Posted by Monitise Mobile FI on August 28, 2014

Monitise launched Alerting+ in March of this year.  The objective was to allow financial institutions a superior product alternative to 1-way alert notifications that have been used for years.  With Alerting+, banks and credit unions can engage their customers by expanding to 2-way actionable and multi-step conversational alerts that are delivered in real-time and are relevant to the customer’s financial needs.  We believed this would increase customer engagement by increasing card usage, making contextual offers and mitigating fraud. Hence, we were pleased to see [...]

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It’s time for community banks to join the prepaid card game

Posted by The Financial Brand on August 28, 2014

Although prepaid debit cards are one the hottest financial product around today – they grew an eye-popping 71% between 2009 and 2012 — community banks have been sitting on the sidelines, essentially conceding the market to nationals and non-bank competitors. by. Kevin Tynan, SVP/Marketing at Liberty Bank for Savings in Chicago Once considered a product for the unbanked, prepaid cards are rapidly gaining mainstream status. More than 18 million people used a prepaid debit card last year according to the 2013 Financial Literacy Report conducted by [...]

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OREO hits 5-year low

Posted by ABA Banking Journal on August 28, 2014

SNL Report: Less “crunch” these Robb Soukup and Salman Aleem Khan, SNL Financial [...]

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Launching new product innovations with old systems

Posted by BankTech on August 28, 2014

Legacy systems and limited resources shouldn't stop community banks from launching new product Bob Giltner The pace of innovation has never been greater in the financial services industry, nor more important to growing customer revenues and relationships. Yet community and regional banks often feel hamstrung by their legacy systems. Their innovation can only be as fast as their core vendors provide it. Fortunately, these banks can create innovative new services to capture new revenues and customers with existing systems by better understanding the [...]

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FBI, Secret Service investigate reports of cyber attacks on U.S. banks

Posted August 28, 2014

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is investigating media reports that several U.S. financial firms have [...]

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Banks face 9% slide in FICC revenues this year

Posted August 28, 2014

by. Saabira Chaudhuri The 10 biggest global investment banks could see a 9% drop in fixed-income, currencies and commodities trading [...]

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Financial ETFs: banks generate near-record profits

Posted August 28, 2014

by. Tom LydonU.S. financial sector exchange traded funds are gaining momentum, with lenders generating near-record profits over the [...]

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Wall Street banks’ pay raises for juniors a sign of millennials’’ declining interest in banking

Posted August 28, 2014

by. Meagan Clark Recent Yale University graduate Kyle Hutzler knew fairly early in his college career that he would rather [...]

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