4 priceless ways your credit union can observe Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to come together as a community to celebrate our Earth in the hope of further educating its inhabitants of the importance of environmental protection. Here are four priceless ways your credit union can honor our planet, not only on April 22 but every day of the year.


Devote a specific bin (perhaps near the printer or in a common area) to recyclables. As an office, decide who will take its contents to the recycling center. Also, for in-office memos and informal documents print on both sides of the paper.

Go paper free

Instead of handing out paper checks to employees on payday, encourage the use of direct deposit. Not only will it save unwanted paper waste, it will also prevent unnecessary automobile pollution from regular trips to the bank to deposit checks.

Turn office lights off at lunchtime

It may seem simple but turning lights off when no one is in the office can significantly cut down on energy usage. When your office uses less electricity, fewer light bulbs will be needed, cutting down on the materials and resources necessary for their production.

Switch from bottled water to a water cooler

Providing unlimited filtered water at your office will encourage employees to refrain from purchasing countless amounts of wasteful plastic water bottles. Not only will they welcome not having to spend their own money on plastic bottles, the planet will appreciate it too: Last year, the average American used 167 disposable water bottles, but only recycled 38.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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