4 things every boss wants you to do

Be on time

Even if your office is more informal and relaxed, your boss wants you to be on time to work and prepared for the day. When you initially started your job, chances are you were brought up to speed on office expectations and structure. Therefore, your boss does not want to have to continually remind you of the importance of being prompt and prepared.

Ask questions

Even if your boss doesn’t outwardly express this, he or she wants you to be inquisitive. If you have questions about anything at work, whether it’s regarding company policy or about a specific project you’re involved with, don’t be afraid to seek out answers. Learning more about what’s on the table shows you are being proactive and that you genuinely care about your role in the company.

Take initiative

Even if you’re not the boss, that doesn’t mean you can’t take charge and be a leader. Bosses love when their subordinates take on responsibilities and assist others. Supervisors find it impressive when employees step up without being asked. So, look for ways at work where you can stand out.

Provide feedback

Your boss wants to be good at what they do. Being a supervisor is not always easy, but don’t be afraid to offer feedback when appropriate. For example, if your manager does something you appreciate, be open with them on how you feel. Communicate your feelings in a respectful way and the open dialogue you’ve created will lead to further collaboration.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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