The 7 pillars of ‘Customer First’

With October’s arrival comes a full week dedicated to our OnBase-loving customers – Customer Appreciation Week (CAW)! It’s been a full week of customer-themed diner specials and a mix of other customer-centric events for all Hylanders to participate in.

The tone of this year’s CAW differs slightly from last year’s, though, with its overarching focus on nurturing and strengthening the customer-focused culture that’s already recognized as one of Hyland’s most defining characteristics.

At the heart of the Customer Experience team’s efforts to engage our fellow Hylanders during the week are the following foundational pillars that are present in any customer-focused culture such as ours. Each of these pillars contributes greatly to our customers’ experiences with our company, solutions, and people. The value these foundational principles impart on our company and its reputation as a leader in customer engagement is precisely why we selected them as the themes for this year’s Customer Appreciation Week.

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