Boost organic growth with reboarding

Customer loyalty to our bank was fading fast.

Imagine you’re a long-term, high-potential customer with your bank. You have several products with them, never visit a branch, only use automated and online services, and don’t know anyone at the branch. Would you feel you have a relationship with them? 

That was us. Our 10-year “marriage” to our bank was not being nurtured in any way and, with all the business we gave them, we were disengaged and felt unappreciated. Plus, we rarely visited a branch and didn’t have a contact we knew. Although we felt some loyalty, it was weak and we were ready to leave.

However, one day our banking relationship was forever transformed by a single employee making a “warm” phone call. She used her relationship building skills to eventually transform us from disengaged customers into loyal customer advocates and generate revenue organically. So do you think it was an increase in her customer service that miraculously turned around the relationship? Not quite.

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