Marketing on the move: Hunter Young

Take a talented bank marketer—one who’s been around, working for organizations large and small, researching, publishing, and presenting at conferences. Someone who’s earned attention for knowing how to bridge the gap between data and creativity. Now give him the freedom to extend that influence across the greater industry. What do you think he’ll do?

We’re about to find out.

Hunter Young, co-chair of the ABA Bank Marketing Conference Advisory Board, has left his post as senior vice president of Marketing and Analytics at First Bank in North Carolina, to join the Mabus Agency. As president of Financial Services Marketing, he’s launched a new Mabus office in Raleigh and is poised to change the way community banks market themselves.

This move came as a result of a meeting with Josh Mabus, who founded the Mabus Agency in Mississippi in 2008. They agreed that community banks need to revamp their branding, go more digital, and improve their customers’ mobile banking experience. “At Mabus, I am going to build a modern marketing team around those ideas,” Young explained.

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