Friends of Traditional Banking endorses Toomey, Ayotte, & Portman

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (September 21, 2016) — Friends of Traditional Banking (FOTB), one of the nation’s fastest growing SuperPACs, announced today that the U.S. Senate races in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Ohio are the three most important Congressional races for traditional banking in America.

FOTB is enthusiastically endorsing Senators Pat Toomey (PA), Kelly Ayotte (NH), and Rob Portman (OH). FOTB is now calling on its 20,000 members in all fifty states and friends of the industry everywhere to donate directly to those candidates through links found on its website

“These three candidates are solidly in support of traditional banking, common sense financial regulations, and a strong economy,” said FOTB chairman John Boyer, who is also chairman of Kanza Bank in Kingman, Kansas. “Their opponents on the other hand advocate for policies that would further hurt America by hurting traditional banks and stifling economic growth.”

Industry leaders were anxious to learn who FOTB would support this cycle. “I love what Friends of Traditional Banking is doing to fight for community banks in America,” said Camden Fine, President and CEO, Independent Community Bankers of America. “I look forward to their recommendations and will lend my support to the cause.”

“The banking industry needs to work together to support candidates who will change the policy environment in Washington,” added Rob Nichols, President and CEO, American Bankers Association. “Friends of Traditional Banking plays a very valuable role in identifying and actively supporting those candidates who support our industry.”

Unlike many SuperPACs, FOTB does not use money to directly campaign for or against candidates, but instead encourages its members online to donate their personal funds directly to a small number of endorsed candidates each cycle. Two years ago, FOTB successfully encouraged over a half million dollars to flow into Cory Gardner’s successful senate race in Colorado, and an additional half a million into Joni Ernst’s successful senate race in Iowa.

The three senators who received the group’s endorsement for 2016 expressed their appreciation:

“As someone who has helped found and operate a community bank, I truly understand the critical role they play in local communities across Pennsylvania. Ensuring that community banks are able to serve their customers, whether it be individuals or small businesses, is a priority I share with the Friends of Traditional Banking and I appreciate their support of my efforts.” – Senator Pat Toomey

“Friends of Traditional Banking is so important because they are focused on making sure that our local banks continue to be there to serve our communities with that personal touch.” – Senator Kelly Ayotte

“Traditional banking is at the heart of our free market economy and Friends of Traditional Banking is helping small businesses grow and create jobs. Individual contributions directly to candidates who know best how to run their campaigns is the very heart of the American political system. Your work in 2014 made a significant difference and was recognized at the highest levels.” –Senator Rob Portman

About Friends of Traditional Banking

Friends of Traditional Banking is a non-partisan grassroots effort organized by bankers in 2012 to improve the political and regulatory environment for the traditional banking industry in the U.S. FOTB is the inverse of a PAC--instead of spreading a little bit of money to a lot of campaigns, they focus a lot of money on a couple of key campaigns.


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