Will the US see a surge of fintech banks launch this year?

I write so much that I sometimes forget what I’ve written, and where. For example, Mark Sievert of Silicon Valley Bank made an interesting comment on my predictions for 2017:

Happy New Year, Chris! One topic I am not hearing much about is the OCC December decision to offer Federal Charters to Fintech firms. Many larger and some smaller have targeted the fintech niche for transaction sales growth, Cross River has taken it to the next level. What am I missing that if a SoFi or Stripe chooses the federal Charter route, that doesn’t profoundly change the fundamentals re traditional banks and their survival? How does that not make a top ten list?

I read that and thought, doesn’t he read my blog? Well, as I’ve met Mark a few times, I know he does. So what was I missing? Ah! I wrote about this on one of my other blogs, in this case FinXTech.

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